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Self -Reclamation

 RECLAIM your Pleasure & Power
from the inside out 

Image by Annie Spratt

Hi, I'm Kari

My mission is to empower women to embrace their divine feminine energy and feel safe to fully express their emotions.  I know from personal experience that suppressing our truth can create imbalance, which is

why I'm passionate about helping others on their path to self-reclamation.


Formerly known as the queen of self-abandonment,  I once lived from a place where all of my validation had to come from external sources. After hitting my version of rock bottom- I began my own somatic healing journey, reclaiming my connection to mind, body and spirit.  It was on this path that I fell in love with myself and found my purpose. 


It is truly my honor to hold this space for women who are starting out on their own healing  journey. It  amazes me how quickly we can come back home to ourself when we work from a place of intention, integrity and authenticity. 


I want for you to realize your power and embrace a life full of pleasure and adventure.


I'm excited to serve
as your guide and companion

as you begin this journey inward.

Dropping from the noise in your head to the love in your heart,

you will learn how to navigate this world in alignment with your values and purpose.

Are you Ready to align with your deepest truths through authenticity? 

Do you crave a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and others?

You've been calling this in for awhile now, haven't you?

All of you is welcome here,

I serve women who...

Are their own worst critic - struggling with their image and perfectionism.


Are people pleasers and want to learn how to express their 'negative' emotions so they no longer have to suppress them.


Whose sense of self-worth is defined by external validations.


Crave a deeper connection in themselves & sisterhood -

a felt sense of safety, security, and belonging in community .


Feel Lost & Lonely

even with the appearance of a picture perfect life .


Want to reclaim their path by

learning how to trust their intuition.

Image by Kendal
We will work together through a combination of conversation and physical practices involving breath & movement to activate your nervous system - helping you to connect deeper within your body.

 This somatic work focuses on accepting and reintegrating the parts of yourself that have been repressed or ignored, allowing you to move forward with greater understanding, compassion and direction. Once you can acknowledge and accept your blockages and their purpose,  we can begin to clear what is not longer serving you.

With the aim of reconnecting your body and mind, we will explore your shadow self, family dynamics, and childhood conditioning, all while ensuring a gradual and safe integration. Recognizing that progress is only as fast as the slowest moving part.

During our sessions, I will invite you to work with various archetypes, teaching you to connect with and embrace your inner child, goddess, old crone, warrior, queen, and many more.


These guided embodiment practices are genuinely life-changing, enabling you to feel worthy, connected and open to your heart once more.

My clients learn how to

  • Self resource- embodying a felt sense of safety and knowing  how to comfort themselves.                                                      

  • Gain clarity on their deepest desires and  learn how to listen to their body to bring awareness to unconscious patterns that are holding them back.                                                                                                                

  • Provide their own validation, creating an internal source of Confidence and Self Love.                                       

  • Create a thriving sexual ecology by (Re)discovering their yoni with de-armoring & pleasure  practices.                                                                                    

  • Fully accept and express ALL of their emotions; reclaiming a sense of WHOLENESS.                                            

  •  Step into alignment with their inner truth by building trust with their intuition.                                                               

  • Take Radical Ownership in their lives and self -expression.

About The VITA method

"Taking the most effective teaching of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, and modern coaching, and blending them with the ancient & powerful teachings of Tantra, Taoism, and Sacred Sexuality."

While traditional talk therapy keeps you thinking, somatic body work brings you into your feelings & sensations in your body. When you drop in -you can feel into the energy blockages and release the stuck and unprocessed emotions that are holding you back.

Fern Leaves

Client Love

“Kari is an excellent coach!  Throughout each session, she exercised gentle guidance and support to help me focus on my ultimate goal, while building a wonderful client relationship with me that allowed me to open up in a safe environment to truly feel comfortable and open.


Kari was so supportive throughout our coaching sessions; I knew I was always in control, and that she was there for any reassurance or guidance I may need. Her confidence in her coaching and caring approach, her passion for health and wellness, transcend through all her teachings, creating a peaceful and trusting environment for practice, but also, and perhaps most importantly, she inspires me to do “the work”.  

-Lindsay, CA

Image by Nitish Meena
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