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My Story

 I grew up in a small northern mining town, surrounded by nature and a loving family. As an active member of my community, I never questioned my sense of belonging. It wasn’t until I left home in my late teens and early 20s that I became the queen of self-abandonment - a people pleaser who constantly worried about what everyone thought.

I avoided conflict, consistently judged others, and sought out my validation from external sources. I spent over a decade numbing out, feeling shame, directionless, and fearful of everything. I became whoever I thought they wanted me to be- hoping to prove my worthiness through hard work and long hours. Yet, despite my drive to succeed and prove myself, I never felt confident that I was worthy of belonging. This reflected in all my choices and relationships - going from bad to worse and losing more and more of myself in each one.

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My rock bottom came the day I found out that my beloved "Golden Grams" passed away.


Words cannot express the loss I felt. Losing one of the most important people in my life created an emptiness within that I couldn’t distract myself from. ​Through my grief, I began to question the deeper meanings of life, death, and my own purpose. Her passing was the pivotal moment that I needed. It ignited a spark within me to embark on a journey of self-exploration & reclamation. I came to the realization that my years of self-abandonment, perfectionism, comparison, workaholism, and poor relationship choices completely disconnected me from my truth. I gave up everything. Moving across the country in search of “something more”, allowed me a fresh start with the space to rebuild my life and reclaim my personal power. 

It was in this space of healing where I began to crave a deeper connection with myself and my community.  My path was guiding me to my purpose of serving others and that’s when I discovered Layla Martin’s VITA Program. This was the deep calling on my heart that I had been searching for. Training under Layla was the most difficult, humbling, and raw experience of my life. It broke me wide open as I dove deep into myself- mind, body, and soul, leaving no stone unturned. I journeyed into the depths of my shadows, connected with source and intuition, sat in meditation, made space in breathwork, practiced pleasure, loved on my inner child, released anything that no longer served me and spent time by myself in nature. I learned to accept and express every emotion within me and experienced pleasure on an unparallel level. ​ I finally understood that the only way out is in.

From my own experiences, I truly believe that realigning your life to live authentically, from the inside out, will allow you to reclaim your pleasure and power.


My life has expanded to a place of inner knowing, vitality, and authenticity. My work has become about serving women in their own self-reclamation from a space of self-love and trust. This work is sacred to me, I honor the shadow & the light, the expansion & contraction, and the humanness in being human. 

I have fully reclaimed my life and look forward to sharing this wisdom with you as you begin your own journey inward.

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